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KOBEYO connects you with qualified candidates that show up for interviews and turnover less, all on a free app. You won’t find that anywhere else.
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You don’t want to deal with unqualified job seekers when hiring and want immediate access to those most qualified and eager for your job.  

KOBEYO only connects you to job seekers that have the skills, shift availability and wage requirements you’re looking for. So why waste time with any other hiring method?

You experience interview no-shows and high turnover, which cost a lot of money and time.

When job seekers are assured the job you’re offering meets all of their criteria, they show up for interviews and turnover less frequently. KOBEYO makes sure everyone is aligned before making introductions. Our approach is a big win-win.

You find it expensive to post on job boards and the results can be mixed.

KOBEYO is 100% free, so there’s no risk in wasting money. Your job is also private and never posted publicly like it would be on a job board. Instead, job seekers are custom matched to your position. You won’t find value like this anywhere else.

You want to hire employees that fit your budget and don’t want to waste your time talking to job seekers that don’t.

KOBEYO only connects you with job seekers asking for the wage your job is offering. That makes hiring more efficient and ensures new hires fit your budget.

You’re opening a new establishment and need to hire a lot of staff at once with different skills, shift availability and pay.

Even if you need to hire 100 employees with varying criteria, KOBEYO will help you get the job done for free. Specify the shifts you need filled, the wage you want to pay and required skills - we’ll put you in contact with as many job seekers that match as you need.

You are annoyed when job seekers “one click apply” to your positions on job boards, resulting in a lot of unqualified candidates, as well as qualified candidates that are unresponsive.

Jobs on KOBEYO are not publicly posted. Only job seekers that match exactly what you are looking for are invited to connect with you. This method reduces the quantity of job seekers you need to interact with while increasing quality.

You have specific shifts each week that need to be consistently filled and want employees that can always commit.

If you need someone for an AM shift every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, KOBEYO will only match you with job seekers that can work those shifts. This helps you create a consistent and reliable schedule for your staff, ultimately saving you time and money in schedule management each week.

You’re tired of emailing back and forth with job candidates because it is a slow process, which can delay hiring or lead to lost interest in your job by applicants.

When we match job seekers, we connect them with you via chat in the KOBEYO app. This way you can quickly ask any questions or setup an in-person interview without any lag like you’d experience with back and forth emailing.

You want full-time & part-time job seekers, not gig workers, to help you build a strong and committed team.

KOBEYO doesn’t believe in the gig economy. Not only will it cost you more money per hour to hire a gig worker, gig workers are not a long-term solution. Therefore, KOBEYO is focused on connecting you with the best part-time and full-time job seekers, never gig workers.

You’re upset that web services with public rating systems can hurt your reputation through biased reviews.

Your reputation is never measured or reported by KOBEYO. You are never rated by job seekers or employees because we don’t believe a minority should determine your reputation for the majority. The KOBEYO algorithm takes care of ensuring quality and privacy for both employers and job seekers, with no use for public ratings.

You have trouble with employees that do not have reliable transportation as they can miss work or frequently be late.

KOBEYO matches candidates near their homes or any location they desire so employees can literally walk to work, which can reduce employees being late and employee no-shows.

You think desktop hiring platforms are limiting because you’re always on the go and don’t want to have to sit in front of a computer each time you need to complete administrative tasks.

Hiring platforms on desktop limit mobility. KOBEYO is only available as a mobile app so you can connect with perfect candidates anywhere and anytime. It’s so quick and easy to use that it doesn’t matter if you’re a tech guru or its the first time you’ve picked up a smartphone.

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