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KOBEYO will find you exactly what you want, without you ever needing to search, all on a free app. You won’t find that anywhere else.
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When searching job boards and going door to door, you never know how much jobs pay or what the schedule is. That makes no sense!

KOBEYO lets you pick the schedule and wage you want and only sends you jobs that match, so you always have control and never waste your time.

You have a full-time job and want a raise or a new job that pays more money, you just don’t have the time to actively look.

KOBEYO matches you to jobs that require the same skills you use in your current job, but that pay more money. This way you can get a higher wage without ever searching.

You are a military spouse or veteran and are searching for reliable work that pays the wage you need.

With KOBEYO, you can get a job near where you live with the hours and wage you need. This way you can focus on the important things in life like your family or a big transition.

You’re a student or parent and need a job around your busy schedule.

KOBEYO lets you pick your schedule, so if you’re only able to work shifts that are 4 hours, or only work a total of 10 hours per week, or only work on weekends, KOBEYO will find and send you jobs that match the schedule you need.

You have two or more jobs and would prefer to combine them into one.

Pick the days and times you are available, and how many hours you want to work per week. KOBEYO will send you jobs that match the schedule you want so you can easily replace two part-time jobs with one full-time job.

You’d like to fill your open days each week with a part-time job.

Tell KOBEYO the extra days and hours you have available and we’ll find you part-time jobs that match - you will not find that anywhere else.

You want to grow in your professional career by working with the best names in the business.

KOBEYO finds you jobs at all levels and skills in the food and beverage service industry, from fast food to fine dining, so no matter what you’re looking for, KOBEYO has it.

You don’t like making resumes and randomly sending them to lots of employers.

Your KOBEYO profile acts as your resume and only takes 5 mins to create. The best part is you never apply to any jobs. Instead, you sit back and wait for us to send you jobs that match what you want.

You want to learn a new skill and want a job that will train you.

KOBEYO lets you select skills you want to learn and will send job matches for opportunities to train and learn those skills.

You’re moving to another city, state or neighborhood and would like to have a job when you arrive.

Drop a pin on the map to tell KOBEYO where you want to find a job and we’ll only search that area. It’s perfect for when you need to make a move.

You don’t have a car and need a job around where you live or by public transportation.

KOBEYO lets you choose the neighborhood you want to work in, and set a radius for how far you’re willing to travel. So if you want a job within a mile of where you live, KOBEYO will take that into consideration when matching you with jobs.

You are homeless and have a smartphone, and are searching for steady employment opportunities.

KOBEYO will send you job matches in any location you want, with the schedule and pay you need. Get the best opportunities sent directly to you. It’s easy and free.

You’ve used or thought about using a recruiter to advance your career.

Recruiters can be expensive and provide mixed results. KOBEYO is more powerful than any recruiter and 100% free.

You recently left the DOC and need a steady job that pays a good wage.

You are in control. KOBEYO will help you find the best opportunity available without you ever having to search. This means a really great job with good pay and the schedule you want.

You’re tired of reading long job descriptions when all you want to know is what the job requires and if you have those skills.

KOBEYO takes a skills-based approach. Choose your skills - those you already have and those you want to learn - and KOBEYO will send you jobs that require those skills, or are willing to train you in those skills.

You think back and forth communication via email with employers is slow, especially when you need a job quickly.

With KOBEYO you can instantly chat in-app with employers you match with.

You are looking for your first job and don’t know where to start.

Even if you have no experience, KOBEYO can get you your first job without you making any effort. Just tell us the neighborhood you want to work in, what responsibilities you’re willing to take on, the schedule you want, and how much you want to be paid. We’ll find you that job.

You can’t always be searching for your next best opportunity because you’re busy with work, and you need your free time to do you!

KOBEYO is always searching for you so you can get what you want with no effort. Download now and empower yourself.